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We provide the most comprehensive program that helps an individual transition from college student to industry professional.

Every student aspires to make it big in the corporate world. However, not everyone gets to start the career on a promising note. Most students suffer from a mix of under-skilled and under-exposed. Under-skilled refers to the situation where the student does not have the right skills that industry is looking for. These skills could be a mix of behavioural, communication, cognitive or technical in nature. Under-exposed refers to the situation where student has the requisite skill-set but is not able to connect to the right organization that needs candidates with that skill-set.

Askexim helps a student benchmark his/her skill with industry expectations. After that, Askexim Training builds the necessary skill-set for specific roles in the industry and then provides opportunities to connect with the right organization through Askexim Placement Services.

Askexim Training Program is best fit for students and recent college pass out graduates, who are looking for a fresher level entry into the industry. By training these candidates Askexim fills the gap in fresher potential and market requirement. Our training makes the candidate skills to the industry level which brings him productive from day one.

The students trained through this program will have the opportunity to take advantage of the large number of career opportunities available in the market. This is an excellent facility for students and will open the doors for emerging career opportunities in the industry.

We organize seminars and training sessions for the student’s batch and give them an industry perspective. We design industry-oriented topics, and provide the courseware and study guide to students.

Click here to learn more about the topics / skills, we generally cover. However, based on specific need, we provide training on skills / topics which are not mentioned here.

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