Graduating from college is a significant rite of passage. For most graduates, it signifies an important transition into the real world of being totally independent and earning a livelihood full-time.

The thought of making it on your own can make you anxious and uncertain about the future. Or, it can make you positive and rosy about your expectations. The difference depends on how well you prepare for the mental and physical things every move requires, especially from college to the workplace.

A smooth transition from college to the work world is possible if you have the proper mental attitude, make smart moves early in your career and establish ties to your community.

With a lot of careful planning, you can have a career you love - 

  • Choose a Career
  • Make a Plan
  • Get the Skills you need
  • Get Job

At Askexim, we provide the most comprehensive program that helps an individual transition from college student to industry professional.

Askexim helps a student benchmark his/her skill with industry expectations and plan their career. After that, Askexim Training builds the necessary skill-set for specific roles in the industry and then provides opportunities to connect with the right organization through Askexim Placement Services.

Our Training Program with Placement Assistance help Students to Start a Dream Career!!!

Accelerate your career with the right Training Program on Recruitment practices, specially designed for fresher and students
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