Through the comprehensive learning, we aim at equipping students with the skills mentioned below:

Industry Centric Awareness Training: Conducted by working Professionals from big Corporate, to make them familiar with the current market trends.

  • HR & Recruitment
  • Sales / Marketing
  • IT - Software / Hardware
  • Retail
  • Banking, Insurance, Financial Services
  • BPO

Communication Skills: Essentials of communication, business writing and presentation skills are taught to participants in this module. It helps them to provide structure to their thoughts and comprehend others’ ideas in a better manner. 

Voice and Accent Training: This training has been incorporated in our Job Placement training to encourage participants into speaking with a neutral accent, the importance of voice modulation, pitch, inflection, and so on.

Business Etiquette and Personal Grooming: What are the various accepted practices to be followed in the corporate world? What are the unsaid codes of conduct? How would a new employee create a positive and lasting impression? These are just a few of the many questions that we would be answering in this module that prepares participants to confidently start/ continue their career.

Motivational Training: This aspect of College Training for students help them to rise above the present challenges that the world is throwing at them in terms of a global recession, and helps them to remain motivated and achieve success in their endeavour.

Interview: Interviews are considered to be the gateway to the corporate world. Hence it is of equal importance to be familiar with the do’s and don’ts of attending a job interview and coming out in flying colours. Amongst other aspects, we train participants through mock interviews and provide tips on preparing for interviews.

Group Discussions: Group Discussions are an important method for employers to select prospective candidates for the final round of interview. The student needs to portray the right skill sets in a limited amount of time. We train students on how to participate in an effective group discussion and gain the maximum points in the limited amount of time put toward them.


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